Primrose is my happy place.
 My hope is for Primrose to make your happy place even happier.
Welcome! I am Kelsey, and I fell in love with candle making so quickly. The more that I played with and perfected my craft, the more I grew interested in creating a business to share my passion and to challenge myself in a new area. At the time, I was a hospital social worker and using Primrose to treat burnout. Now I am a business owner and candlemaker full-time!  A little about me: I adore musicals, yoga, shiraz, and London. I adore that last one so much that I named this company after my favorite spot in the world - Primrose Hill in North London. It's dreamy and wonderful. And I want you to find your home both dreamy and wonderful, starting with these hand-poured candles. It is such a honor for me to help create that environment for you. Welcome to Primrose! Please ask any questions if you have them! My email is Kelsey@primrosecandleco.com.